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About Us

A little about how we began and where we are going.

We are here to serve you.

Josh has worked in mortgage lending since the late 1990’s. When you choose to work with him you will not only realize that he is confident in what he does, but also enjoys having fun. Because Josh has worked in the many different variables of the mortgage business, from underwriting, funding and shipping, broker development and origination you get all those years of experience in choosing to partner with him and his team. He handles your business with care, professionalism, strategy and sincerity. His objective is for his business partners to relax in knowing that the business is being handled.

Josh is a dedicated husband and father of four boys. He chooses to be successful in this business so he can do the things he loves with his wife and children, like travel, coaching, hiking, biking and spending quality time with his family. Josh lives in El Dorado County and loves the idea of being both close to Lake Tahoe, but also close to the Bay to visit the city! Josh has a study in Business Finance and Marketing which is his passion, but mostly working with people is what he loves best! Josh looks forward to finding strategies together to help make your business successful by working closely together as partners in business.

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